Our vineyards are located in the Upper Balaton area, and belong to the Balatonfüred-Csopak wine region. Although this region is famous for its white wines, it also produces some very tasty reds, a few of which are available in our own wine selection.

Our vineyards now cover 18 hectares. They are located at various sites in and around Pécsely and Balatonfüred, so each specific grape can benefit from the most ideal soil and layout.   

We managed to extend our vineyards to their current size of 18 hectares when my wife Mónika was awarded EAFRD young agricultural producers support in 2012, based on regulation  57/2012 (VI.21.) from the Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development. She was able to establish her own vinery and vineyard.  Being a successful applicant on  this tender allowed her to continue to rent land and to buy new land, as well as to renew these on state support and provide the base material for the vinery.

Our aim is to provide raw ingredients that have been carefully selected in accordance with the local weather, the type of grape and our expectations. Our belief is that good wine can only be made from good ingredients. We put an emphasis on pruning, because every type of grape requires special care in pruning the green works and planning the quantity of the crop. It is also of particular importance to us to spray the vineyard only when it is strictly necessary, thereby protecting the environment as much as possible.