Like our vineyard, our wine cellar is a small family enterprise. Work is shared amongst family members. We want to ensure that the raw ingredients are as near perfect as possible. In our wine cellar, we aim to strike a balance between traditional methods and new technology to achieve the best results.

During harvest, we carefully select and pick the grapes and process them as soon as we can. The fact that the vineyards are very close to each other is a big advantage, and we also ensure that our tools and machines continuously updated to get the best possible results.

A big improvement in this process was the purchase of a harvest trailer, which enables us to transport the grapes from the vineyard to the cellar quickly and with minimal breakage of the berries. They are then fed into a stainless steel picker machine on a compound pulley. Here the berries are destemmed. The process here can change, depending on the type of wine being made. The berries can be fed into the pneumatic pressure machine, or into the fermenting vats. The wine is fermented and stored either in stainless steel, plastic or wooden barrels. The consumption of wines matured in barrique wine barrels is increasing every year, and our cellar produces red and white wines to satisfy this demand.

We bottle our own wine in 750 ml and 1500 ml bottles, which we either sell from our cellar or deliver to restaurants.